Mass Incarceration is the New Jim Crow

Today I gave a talk about Mass Incarceration as the New Form of Jim Crow to kick off Black History Month at MiraCosta College. It was well attended, standing room only. The college President, two Board members, a dean, and several colleagues (faculty and staff) also attended. I appreciate their presence knowing their busy schedules. Students took up most of the room, even standing on the back and side walls or sitting on the floor. It was an honor to have them there with me. They took time out of their very hectic lives to listen and to experience the dialogue.

This is the audio recording (due to my error there is a glitch at 1:20 for about 10 seconds, sorry!):

I’m providing the PowerPoint Presentation used in the lecture so you can follow along.

I also link the YouTube videos we listened to/viewed together:

I started the talk with a song “The War on Drugs is a War on Us” by DISL Automatic, who describes his work as “raptivism”. I love it. The first slide contains the lyrics to follow along his sick beatz.

Sesame Street Incarceration

Lee Atwater Interview

John Stossel War on Drugs Report –┬áPart 1/6

I look forward to reading your thoughts or reactions to the information presented. Thank you for listening!