About Me


I’m a Vietnamese refugee humbly working through the minutiae of the California Community College system as a Sociology professor. I write to reflect on the complex layers of life. Thank you for visiting HERE to read my entries.


2 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Thao,

    I’ve only begun to take in your words but, already, I’m astonished by the beauty of your soul. The depth of your agony is pure and staggering but I’m enheartened because it MUST mirror the vastness of your capacity for love….

    Thank you for your vulnerability.

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  2. Love The Amazing Read… Also Want To Share How Much I Appreciate The Vietnam Bag You Gave As A Gift 🎁 To A Perfect Stranger… ‘ME’… 🙏
    Thanks For The Wonderful ACT Of Kindness!
    K Tu


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